When’s the last time you saw the catalog?

Browse online at your convenience here. So many new titles are available. I’d love to show you in person. You can invite others or just browse for yourself. Contact me for more information or order online, sight unseen, at https://z0296.myubam.com/shop

So you need a fundraiser?

12803053_10205979945843000_636881161185145981_nI promise this will be the EASIEST FUNDRAISER you’ve ever done!! Only 4 products to sort, with value to the customer as well as great return to you!

How many things have you purchased that you don’t really need (or want?!) just to help an organization??

How many times have you thought “Darn! I forgot to get a card to go with the present!” If you are even the tiniest bit intrigued, let’s talk! Schools, Scout Groups, Sports, Individuals–everyone can do this. (and, no, you don’t have to be local to me to do this fundraiser!! FREE SHIPPING!)

This series is getting great reviews. I think I’ll start on this one next.

From Kirkus Reviews, “The fast-moving plot is filled with clever details and magical intrigue. … [Forsyth] develops her characters with aplomb…creating an adventure that is more than just an exciting story. … Well-crafted heroic fantasy for readers just stepping into the genre.”

This series written for ages 9-13 has four main characters, two boys and two girls, making it perfect for both. Readers who love fantasy and everything magical will be hooked. Do yourself a favor and get all five. For more on this series, click here.

Looking for picture books or chapter books?

Here’s a 5-minute video of a variety of our picture books and chapter books including some of the ones just released this month. Keep in mind this is only a sampling of our entire line. Contact me with questions or to schedule a shopping day to see these and others for yourself. No obligation and you’re welcome to have friends and/or children join us. Or not.  🙂
I can also help with book fairs, read-a-thons, fundraisers, you name it. If you can dream it, we can do it. Let’s talk!