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  1. Hi,

    I am reaching out to you because I would love for you to come to the Novi Pet Expo this year!

    We had quite a lot of adoptions last year, I know more than a 100 and we have a great retention rate for our rescues! Also, some of the rescues did not do adoptions on site but had guests sign up for in-home visits and then adoptions could have occurred post event as well!

    We have a lot of exciting Entertainment this year!

    Victoria Stilwell from Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog” Will be making an appearance at the November expo! Providing demonstrations, training and much more to the event! She will also have two of her Michigan Trainers, Beth Duman and Shelli Kizner at the event doing demonstrations at different times on our stage as well.

    The Novi Pet Expo Super Store, presented by Premier Pet Supply of Beverly Hills, returns for 2014, offering show specials and discounts on a wide variety of pet items, with special emphasis on products made in Michigan and the U.S.A.

    The American Rare Breed Dog Show will also be joining the show in November, with a collection of rare dog breed shown by owners from across the Midwest.

    The Ultimate Air Dogs will be jumping in and out of the pool throughout the entire weekend, with guests having the ability to sign their dog(s) up to get wet and beat the longest jump!

    The Rock and Roll K9’s will return with a wonderful agility, high jump, Frisbee dog entertainment show for guests to be able to see all weekend long, it’s a lot of fun to watch!

    That Guys with the Birds will have show’s throughout the weekend, showing off exotic birds in a fun show environment with tons of facts and information about all the birds

    The Michigan Herpetology Society will return with 40-50 reptiles, amphibians, lizards, snakes, turtles and more! With fun facts, ability to touch and see all of them up close and personal….even though they make some people jump!

    The International Cat Association will be bringing in 100s of rare breed cats shown by owners from across the Midwest area. A wide variety of never before seen breeds, where breeders are available to showcase their cats and talk about the breed for all guests to learn.

    We have other fantastic entertainment in the works! 100s of vendors on their way to sell pet supplies and pet food products!

    I really hope your team can take in all that the Novi Pet Expo has to offer and I know we would greatly appreciate working with you!

    Thanks !!
    Jackie McMahon | Event Manager

    P (248) 348-5600 ext. 208 | F (248) 347-7720

    1. I’m sorry but I did not have the positive experience with the Pet Show that I expected. I found that the folks that did come in spite of having to pay expensive parking and admission fees were then unwilling to spend much more while there. They shopped but did not feel free to purchase. The turnout was much lower than expected, I’m sure because of the cost, and my costs were also much more than I felt comparable for the results I received. While the idea of an event like this is very dear to my heart as an animal lover myself, it just doesn’t pay for me to invest in this event. If circumstances change in the future allowing you to provide a better event with less cost to vendors and patrons, I would possibly be interested. However, I cannot afford to continue this event as it now stands.

      Diane Merz

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