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When’s the last time you saw the catalog?

Browse online at your convenience here. So many new titles are available. I’d love to show you in person. You can invite others or just browse for yourself. Contact me for more information or order online, sight unseen, at https://z0296.myubam.com/shop

Teach Your Monster to Read…our FREE online game for kids

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Did you know…

the British founder of Usborne Books Publishing, Peter Usborne, and his two adult children have developed a free online game through their charitable fund, the Usborne Foundation?  Created by reading experts and gaming professionals, this game has been available to kids around the world for four years now and your kids can use a PC or laptop and  join the fun too.  A downloadable App is also available for a small fee.

(Pick on the image to view an informational video)

Get more information at TeachYourMonstertoRead.com .  Read the reviews, join the blog, try the demos or start a free account.  Available for use both in home or at school, this is another tool you can use to make reading fun for your kids.  Get started today!


Don’t Pay Full-price for Books (5-part series): Topic #2 – Combined volumes



 Welcome to the second of a five-part series about ways you can get our award-winning children’s books for less. More ideas are coming soon but today’s topic is saving by purchasing Combined Volumes (C/V for short), instead of individual titles in a series.

What’s a Combined Volume, you ask?

It’s simply when we bind several of the titles in a series together into one book, which reduces the costs of publication. You may know this as a “treasury” of stories. When publication costs are lower, we reduce the price for you too. Let me show you an example.

0001542_300 Our paperback book, I Can Draw Animals, is one of our top sellers for ages 3 + older, at $4.99. If you like this title, you probably will like other titles in this series as well. Seven of the titles in this same  series would have a  retail value of $34.93. However, the Combined Volume, Big Book of Playtime Activities, which includes I Can Draw Animals and six other similar titles, is only $17.99 in paperback.  That’s a savings of $16.94 over buying the seven titles separately! Get it? 0001395_300
There are lots of Combined Volumes, hence lots of opportunities to save. To see all the C/V’s go to  http://z0296.myubam.com/c/9/combined-volumes
Happy shopping! Check next week for another idea on how you can become shopping savvy.


Everyone Poops for Great Books Month! 1375300_648696748503472_1151844494_n
We recently saw Everyone Poops on a list of “books you should re-read as a grown-up.” Why? Because it’s “brilliant and informative.” Which is why it’s sold over a million copies and still going strong! (It’s pretty funny too.)

Personally, this is usually purchased for an adult male more often than for a child’s gift. Get Everyone Poops for your dad, grandpa, adult brother and yes, even for a child. Goes great with companion book, The Gas We Pass.

Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa, amazing Africa and she is adorable! – book review

Here’s a delightful picture book to share with young children which introduces American kids to a world far away. Enjoy more of the adventures of Anna Hibiscus with the second in a series of picture books, Splash, Anna Hibiscus!, which recently received the following review.

SplashAnnaH  “Like Anna Hibiscus’ Song (2011) and chapter books starring this irrepressible child, this celebrates Anna’s family and her home in “amazing Africa.” This beach trip starts on the front endpapers, where careful readers can pick out the boat that will carry her whole family through the title page and to a beach offshore. There, everyone happily finds things to do—read, braid each other’s hair, bury a cousin in the sand, play soccer, chat with the fishermen, compare smartphones. They’re all too busy to play in the waves with Anna. Continue reading Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa, amazing Africa and she is adorable! – book review