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I’ve highlighted some of these new picture books already but it’s nice to hear when others shower praise on them.  Pick on the book picture for detailed info about notable features of these titles.  Pick on the title of the book to purchase, or contact me today to find out how to get these books for free.


Fiona Roberton  * 978-1-61067-361-7 * $12.99
Ages 5-9

Totally delightful.” – Kirkus Reviews,STARRED
“Cleverly crafted and told, this picture book explores points of view …” – Waking Brain Cells
“It’s a smart and not-too-serious introduction to the idea of empathy—and boundaries.” –Publishers Weekly

Bears Don’t Read!

Emma Chichester Clark * 978-1-61067-366-2 * $12.99
Ages 4-8

“Inherent to the story is the subtle message that there’s a difference between not being able to read and not wanting to read. …this will tickle pre-readers.” – Kirkus Reviews 

“Smoothly written and packed with dialogue, this disarming story will speak to kids who are learning to read, as well as those looking forward to gaining the skill.” – Booklist

“A delightful tale that cleverly demonstrates the joy of reading.” – School Library Journal



Peter Carnavas * 978-1-61067-347-1 * $11.99
Ages 4-8

“The message is clear: Just be yourself, and friends will come.” – Kirkus Reviews

The solidly straightforward story arc, simple mixed-media illustration, effective use of color, and ample white space are all strengths.” – The Horn Book Magazine

“… this simple tale of the desire to make friends at a new school is so believable that one hardly notices that Jessica is in a wheelchair, and that is one of the book’s major strengths.” – School Library Journal


Briony Stewart * 978-1-61067-348-8 * $11.99 * Ages 4-8

“A gentle story about the cycle of nature and dealing with loss.” – School Library Journal

“Stewart beautifully allows the book to speak to anyone who has experienced loss.” –Waking Brain Cells


Carron Brown and Alyssa Nassner
978-1-61067-352-5 * $12.99 * Ages 4-8


“A diverting interactive introduction to several coastal species, from otters to oystercatchers.” – Publishers Weekly

To moms of babies, introducing the Left Shoe Trick

Here’s a timely post from the Two Twenty One blog which will help insure that our precious little ones are kept safe.  What do you think of this idea?
11151013_957121194332384_3549660422488091584_n“We’re implementing the left shoe trick this summer. After buckling Owen into his car seat, I take off my left shoe and put it on the backseat. The idea is that I won’t get very far without my shoe. While I’d like to think I’d never forget my baby in a hot car, all these cases in recent years scare the crap out of me. (No judgmental comments, please. This trick is meant to be helpful.)”

This is our best-selling series for babies and toddlers

Here’s a series you’ve probably seen before, and with good reason. The That’s Not My… series is full of delightful touchy-feely board books that have been favorites among young children and their parents for many years. With bright colors0005460_thats_not_my_animal_starter_collection_5_300 and tactile inserts to smooth your fingers over, it’s no wonder Usborne keeps introducing new ones. Even adults can’t resist rubbing the pages to feel the textures.

If you don’t own more than one of these titles, you’ve probably checked them out from your library again and again. And did you know there’s a white mouse to find on every page? Keep a few of these on hand for those last-minute gifts. With so many to choose from, there’s something to tickle any kid’s fancy.

Let me know if you have questions.