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When’s the last time you saw the catalog?

Browse online at your convenience here. So many new titles are available. I’d love to show you in person. You can invite others or just browse for yourself. Contact me for more information or order online, sight unseen, at https://z0296.myubam.com/shop

Don’t Pay Full-price for Books (5-part series): Topic #3 – Personal Shopping (AKA – Home Party for a couple or a zillion)


 Welcome to the third in a five-part series about ways you can get our award-winning children’s books for less. Today’s topic is hosting a home party or home show.

Don’t run for cover. It’s not as hard as you think. Think of hosting a show as a personal shopping appointment. You get expert advice (ahem, that’s me!), FREE of charge.

It doesn’t matter if you have a couple of people or you have 15. You’ll probably have more fun and earn more free books with more people there, but it’s totally up to you how many you invite to share your precious personal shopping time with. OK, so it’s not that precious since it is FREE but still. You’re getting me, folks!
You know there are lots of people you’d like to spend some time with: friends you’ve lost track of, past co-workers, cousins, neighbors. Invite all of them over for some relaxation and fun. Share some great books and some good times. You don’t even have to host at your house. Share the Hostess Benefits with a friend and host at her house. Or host at a local pizza shop or Panera Bread that has a party room (check costs before you decide).
So if you’re not hiding in fear at the thought of hosting, take a look at more info about Home Shows and contact me if you have questions or you’re ready to get on my schedule.
Happy shopping! Check next week for another idea on how you can become shopping savvy.

Don’t Pay Full-price for Books (5-part series): Topic #1 – Look for the specials!

 Do you like saving money? Well, today’s your day because I’m starting a five-part series about ways you can get our award-winning children’s books for less. Keep in touch! More ideas are coming soon.  
TOPIC #1 – There are ONLINE SPECIALS on my website!
Visit http://z0296.myubam.com/c/44/specials. You’ll see two different specials available to you.
Internet Specials
  • only available online
  • typically 40-70% off retail
  • available to anyone regardless of what else you order
  • selections change every week on Monday
  • limited availability so grab ’em up before the supply runs out
Customer Specials
  • get these online or at home parties
  • up to 60% off retail
  • available to anyone who purchases at least $40 in books
  • every time you select $40 in merchandise you can add up to three Customer Specials to your order, so if you order $80 in books you can add up to six, etc.
  • selections change from month to month
  • titles sometimes run out before month’s end
Happy shopping! Check later this week for another idea on how you can become shopping savvy.

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SCHEDULE PERSONAL SHOPPING TIME – Would you’d rather schedule a private shopping appointment just for yourself or for a couple of you? It’s usually pretty easy to sneak those in. Maybe you’re thinking about hosting a show with friends and family. Click here to learn more about the great hostess benefits. 


HAVE A VIRTUAL SHOW ON FACEBOOK – There is also a new idea this fall that you may not know about. There’s a trend toward doing Facebook parties. Yep, a virtual home party where you don’t have to clean and you don’t have to make snacks. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it! I’m working on the details so if you’re interested, let me know and you can be one of my test pilots (that’s a better name than guinea pig…).

JOIN THE USBORNE BUSINESS – Finally, if you want to help me spread the love of reading to kids all over the country, I want to talk to you NOW! I can show you how to do what I do. In the process, you’ll earn new books for your family and make some extra cash for the approaching holiday season. Want more info?

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I’m excited to announce my new interactive website blog where you can get information about the many opportunities and services that USBORNE BOOKS & MORE (also known as UBAM) offers, as well as post questions and comments about the content you see here. You’ll see at the top of the blog page that you can easily travel directly to specific topics through the links offered there. So if you need information about hosting an USBORNE event of your own, whether it be a school book fair, a fundraiser or an in-home shopping appointment for yourself or with a gaggle of your best friends, then click directly on the topic you need and get on outta here!

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