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I remember as a kid being so excited to get each new book from the monthly book club. I’m sure that was one of the key factors that turned me into an avid reader. I eagerly dived into each book to see what adventures awaited me.
At Usborne Books & More that’s exactly the feeling we want your kids to have about reading. One way you can encourage that is by giving them the gift of brand new, thrilling books to read each and every month for a year.
This is a really easy gift because I do all the work. I pick out age-appropriate books for each child, you can say yay or nay or leave the gifting up to me. Each child will be delighted to receive fun, new books all through the year. If that doesn’t make an avid reader out of them, I don’t know what will! Ask if you’d like more info about Usborne Books & More’s monthly book club.

Children learning to read? Try the Very First Reading Set.

Check out the Very First Reading Set or get in touch to find out how you can earn it for free by hosting a Home Show or Facebook party.  Become a consultant to receive a Lifetime Discount on this and all Usborne purchases.  No minimum sales requirements.  Try it for 6-12 weeks. The worst thing that can happen is your kids will get some great new books.

Yay, it’s finally here!

12027550_10153681532294809_3118894892065702213_n (1) I’ve been waiting for this since I saw it at our National Convention this summer.  Not only is it a bright, beautifully-illustrated thesaurus but this one includes games and tips for writing. This is so much fun, you’ve got to see it! Take a look and let me know if you want one (or more) for your family or classroom collection.

I’ve highlighted some of these new picture books already but it’s nice to hear when others shower praise on them.  Pick on the book picture for detailed info about notable features of these titles.  Pick on the title of the book to purchase, or contact me today to find out how to get these books for free.


Fiona Roberton  * 978-1-61067-361-7 * $12.99
Ages 5-9

Totally delightful.” – Kirkus Reviews,STARRED
“Cleverly crafted and told, this picture book explores points of view …” – Waking Brain Cells
“It’s a smart and not-too-serious introduction to the idea of empathy—and boundaries.” –Publishers Weekly

Bears Don’t Read!

Emma Chichester Clark * 978-1-61067-366-2 * $12.99
Ages 4-8

“Inherent to the story is the subtle message that there’s a difference between not being able to read and not wanting to read. …this will tickle pre-readers.” – Kirkus Reviews 

“Smoothly written and packed with dialogue, this disarming story will speak to kids who are learning to read, as well as those looking forward to gaining the skill.” – Booklist

“A delightful tale that cleverly demonstrates the joy of reading.” – School Library Journal



Peter Carnavas * 978-1-61067-347-1 * $11.99
Ages 4-8

“The message is clear: Just be yourself, and friends will come.” – Kirkus Reviews

The solidly straightforward story arc, simple mixed-media illustration, effective use of color, and ample white space are all strengths.” – The Horn Book Magazine

“… this simple tale of the desire to make friends at a new school is so believable that one hardly notices that Jessica is in a wheelchair, and that is one of the book’s major strengths.” – School Library Journal


Briony Stewart * 978-1-61067-348-8 * $11.99 * Ages 4-8

“A gentle story about the cycle of nature and dealing with loss.” – School Library Journal

“Stewart beautifully allows the book to speak to anyone who has experienced loss.” –Waking Brain Cells


Carron Brown and Alyssa Nassner
978-1-61067-352-5 * $12.99 * Ages 4-8


“A diverting interactive introduction to several coastal species, from otters to oystercatchers.” – Publishers Weekly

Teach Your Monster to Read…our FREE online game for kids

(Pick on image to view informational video)

Did you know…

the British founder of Usborne Books Publishing, Peter Usborne, and his two adult children have developed a free online game through their charitable fund, the Usborne Foundation?  Created by reading experts and gaming professionals, this game has been available to kids around the world for four years now and your kids can use a PC or laptop and  join the fun too.  A downloadable App is also available for a small fee.

(Pick on the image to view an informational video)

Get more information at TeachYourMonstertoRead.com .  Read the reviews, join the blog, try the demos or start a free account.  Available for use both in home or at school, this is another tool you can use to make reading fun for your kids.  Get started today!


14990_674085702720200_1598832175211752452_nFull credit to Adam and Misti Yerton who own this wonderful clock, and have provided a guide to how it was made – http://imgur.com/a/KUyfg

I thought it would be fun to use your child’s favorite books and put it up in their room. As their favorites change, you can change out the books. Adam and Misti’s version has a plain white face for now but you could spruce that up according to your child’s personality and make changes to the look of the clock face as they grow.

Would you consider doing something like this?

NewConsultantKits2015MarchWe need more business-minded individuals to join in our  mission to promote literacy nationwide.  You can make a huge difference even if you only have little pockets of time for your business.  I’ll show you how.  This may be just what you’ve been looking for.


Get in touch or browse my web site for more information.  I’d love to work with you! 

International Book Giving Day – help me donate free books to deserving children!

International Book Giving Day is a real thing!  (There’s lots of info regarding Bookplates, Bookmarks and further ideas here – http://bookgivingday.com/blog/about-2/)

I am working on a Book Giving Day Challenge and I need your help.  In honor of International Book Giving Day, I want to get $1000 in new books into the hands of deserving children.   Here’s what I need from you; you have ten days to donate to the worthy children’s organization of your choice following the instructions below.


1.  Place an order for at least $50 in books from my online E-fair at https://z0296.myubam.com/82579 by February 14th, 2015.

2.  For every person who orders at least $50 in books and donates them to a worthy children’s organization in February, I will ship an extra 50% in books to that organization FREE OF CHARGE!  

In order for that to happen, I’ll need the organization’s contact information to set up delivery and to confirm your donation. (If possible, I’d LOVE to have pictures of you dropping off the books or the kids enjoying your gift!)

Whether you order $50, $500 or $5000 in books, my offer stands.  I will give 50% in FREE BOOKS to the organization of your choice.  So put your thinking caps on.  There are so many organizations who would love new books.  Preschools, schools, homeless shelters, public libraries, after school programs, hospitals, the list goes on and on.  Please help me get $1000 in books in their hands.  Gather some friends to make an even bigger gift.  Have a Penny War at your school, church, scout group or daycare.  Help me reach this goal in February!

Now hurry up because time’s running out!  Book Giving Day is February 14th!