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What are your kids doing this summer?

As the school year winds down you may be wondering how you’ll keep your kids active and engaged this summer  There are many options but camps and childcare can be so expensive.  One idea is to have your own Summer Brain Camp with a small group of like-minded families.  It isn’t as difficult as you’d think and you’ll probably spend only a fraction of what you’d spend on other activities.  Ask around and you may find more parents than you expected who have the same concerns.  
0008156_300I can help you find the resources you need to pull it off.  For example, you could get together once a week for simple and fun science experiments like the ones in 365 Science Activities or 101 Science Experiments.  0000419_300The activities usually involve common materials you’d find in your own home or at a nearby dollar store. Each family can take a turn directing the science activity, or one organized person can be your Camp Director and the other families can chip in snacks and drinks.  The possibilities are endless.
0000533_300If you have free spirited kids, we can help inspire the artistically minded.  The Art Treasury is unique in the way it “combines dazzling art from around the world with exciting projects to do that will inspire every young artist. It includes 0001343_famous_artists_book_of_il_300famous European paintings, delicate Japanese prints and traditional African masks, and each work of art is followed by a project influenced by the artist’s methods or ideas.” (from the catalog)  Pair it with The Usborne Book of Famous Artists to delve deeper into the lives of thirty-five of the world’s most talented artists.

Visit the website for yourself or get in touch for more summer ideas.  I’m here to help you find what you’re looking for.


Here’s a new one called Secrets of the Seashore for all your spring and summer beach vacations (and to remind you of past vacations). This one’s just like Secrets of the Apple Tree but you get to see the hidden habitats of the seas and oceans instead. These make great gifts when paired with small flashlights to shine through the pages. Enjoy these with the favorite people in your life and share loving reading experiences that will encourage your child’s natural curiosity and love of learning.0005798_300

1513686_10152278088357386_517945717_nLift-the-flaps to find tips, tricks and practice questions to help you learn all the times tables up to 12×12. You can discover why the tables are so helpful, use the number machine to answer any tables question, and test your knowledge with the times tables challenge. This is a great book for ages 6 and up, to help make learning times tables more fun. More info here.

1604803_10152251133892386_181058963_nThis series is a hit with boys and girls from preschool to older elementary for many
reasons. Parents love them too. With features like thick sturdy pages, flaps that open all different ways, vibrant double-page illustrations and bite-size chunks of scientific information, kids eat up and store away incredible amounts of knowledge as they “play around” with these books. Check out this newest one, See Inside The Universe, or grab other titles in this popular series here.


Encourage the reluctant reader …



Some readers respond better to small blocks of text mixed
with illustrations and changes in design.

Even nonfiction can prompt conversation and writing!
Race car fans will be eager to describe their ideal
mean machine.”

Have you offered non-fiction titles to your reluctant reader?

November 11th is Veterans Day!






WorldWars11-1-13Observe this occasion with The World Wars

The two world wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 cast a malevolent shadow over the entire 20th century. This book takes you through the story of  both conflicts – from the soldiers’ terrifying experiences in the  trenches in the First War, to the huge battles and bombings of cities in  the Second. Stunningly illustrated with dramatic contemporary photographs, paintings, posters and maps, this is an accessible and thought-provoking introduction to the two most devastating wars the world has ever known.