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I remember as a kid being so excited to get each new book from the monthly book club. I’m sure that was one of the key factors that turned me into an avid reader. I eagerly dived into each book to see what adventures awaited me.
At Usborne Books & More that’s exactly the feeling we want your kids to have about reading. One way you can encourage that is by giving them the gift of brand new, thrilling books to read each and every month for a year.
This is a really easy gift because I do all the work. I pick out age-appropriate books for each child, you can say yay or nay or leave the gifting up to me. Each child will be delighted to receive fun, new books all through the year. If that doesn’t make an avid reader out of them, I don’t know what will! Ask if you’d like more info about Usborne Books & More’s monthly book club.

Here’s your new favorite Halloween book. Don’t believe me? Take a look!

See, I told you!  Get this book here or host a Facebook party and get it for free, just in time for the holiday. It’s fun and easy and your friends will love you for introducing them to Usborne Books & More! Contact me for more info.

hartmanbook2Share this story with your school-age children cause this guy’s one of the great ones.  As reported on CBS, don’t miss this story,  College Football Star’s Novel Story. Make sure you watch the video too.

Then if your little football player wants to emulate 0002494_a_football_story_300this great man, you can start out with one of these favorite football titles and branch out from there. Your child will improve his or her reading skills and be an example of a star reader too.

There’s No Such Thing as Ghosts! … Right?
Kirkus Reviews’ calls this Halloween delight “an elegant literary treat.” This family-friendly ghost story is perfect for ages 4-6.


For more seasonal titles, shop my website for stories and activity books about monsters, ghosts, spooky things or Oliver Moon.